Wednesday, November 28, 2012

an experimental double wide hammock

I wanted to experiment with this large weave fabric that I found, to see how it would hold up as a hammock.

I used a very wide nylon trim (75cm, or half of the full width) to make the whole thing 3m wide.  Last night I was in this with a sleeping bag and was warm most of the night, the temperature got down to -7c according to the thermometer a few meters from the hammock.  I can not yet dress warm enough to sleep below zero without a sleeping bag in a thin hammock.  The trim covering the top of the hammock when I am inside is a nice bonus feature.

The fabric stretches a little when I get in, making getting out an interesting challenge, I need to basically climb out of the hammock, I can't use the rolling out method that I usually use.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

deodorant spray bottle

A few years ago I got introduced to using rubbing alcohol to remove arm pit odor, instead of the various other deodorants available in the stores.  It has the advantage of not leaving any white deodorant stains, it is also a general anti-septic, and cleaner for some things.

I finally got around to painting the spray bottle I keep my rubbing alcohol in, there is a clear sight on the side to tell the remaining level in the bottle.  The colors were chosen to indicate a good (green), worth refilling (yellow), and low (red) level.

The bottle may even last longer than the old one because of the extra layer of protection on it.

water bottle

One of my friends gave me a nice water bottle which was branded, so I taped and painted it.