Saturday, November 20, 2010

custom ringtones on LG Neon

I got a new phone last night because the screen on my current phone has partially failed. The new phone is a LG Neon TE356.

On my old phone the ring tone was one of my friends going "Ring Ring", and this is not a ring tone I could possibly download from the ring tone store, also the phone only allows DRM protected mp3 files to be used as ring tones.

After a little bit of searching I found a solution using a bug in the phone software.

  • Start the MP3 player (9. Tools -> 1. MP3 Player).
  • Start playing the default song that came with the phone (1. All songs -> Beautiful Sky).
  • While the song is playing, set the desired MP3 as the ring tone or message tone. (Options -> 3. Search -> MP3 File -> Options -> 3. Set As -> 1. Ringtone -> 1. Yes)

So now I can have my ring tone back.

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