Friday, October 18, 2013

Escape HTML Text

Often when I am putting code examples up I have been manually escaping all the html tag characters to get it into the post. Now I have a piece of JavaScript to do it for me. I will present this as a short, self contained, correct, example.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html><head><title>Escape HTML Text</title></head><body><form>

<div>text = <br>
<textarea id="text" rows="10" cols="80"></textarea></div>
<div><button type="button" onclick="setText(escapeHtml(getText()))">text = escapeHtml(text)</button></div>
<div><button type="button" onclick="setText(unescapeHtml(getText()))">text = unescapeHtml(text)</button></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
    function getText() { return document.getElementById("text").value; }
    function setText(text) { document.getElementById("text").value = text; }
    function escapeHtml(text) {
        return text.replace(/&/g,"&amp;").replace(/"/g,"&quot;")
    function unescapeHtml(text) {
        return text.replace(/&lt;/g,"<").replace(/&gt;/g,">")

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