Thursday, December 5, 2013

Simple and super practical note book

All the notebooks I have kept in my bag so far seemed lacking in little ways: I couldn't easily tuck things into them; sometimes finding the next blank page was a challenge; they consume a lot more space than I feel they need to; taking pages out of them quickly became unsightly.

So I started pondering how to make one where I could freely add and remove pages without having an effect on the feel of the note book.

I made the notebook from plastic canvas, and sewed it with strips of shopping bags.  The shell does not care about getting wet, but the pages inside do.

It is just larger than a quarter sheet of letter sized paper, so it is very easy to make new pages as I need them.

The pages are folded over a strip of plastic, so they can be completely rearranged, and anything thin that can be folded can be tucked between any of the pages.  I did not realize in advance that I can always be writing on the top few pages by just moving blank pages up to the top of the stack.  I had printed driving directions on the left side earlier in the week, and now they have been flipped over to be reused as note pages.

In the future I am going to try some graph paper or lined paper in here, but this is also working very well.

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