Sunday, June 6, 2010

server from laptop, round two

I got gifted a larger hard drive for the laptop based home server, 160 GB, the original disk is 40 GB.

I decided to do a fresh install using the newest ubuntu-desktop (ubuntu-alternate) distribution, 10.04, and have encountered some challenges.

After the first install the hard disk would not boot, which I found was due to a bad block, so I eventually figured out how to create the file system on the disk myself and verify the disk in the process.

After the second install the system froze when the graphical display came up, so far I have found how to boot into a rescue mode with a text prompt, from which I installed openssh-server, and successfully logged into the server.

At this point it is time to leave it for the night and sleep, next I shall figure out how to disable the graphical display.

The easiest option would seem to be installing ubuntu-server instead, but I wish to serve graphical desktops from this server as well.

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