Friday, September 7, 2012

warm rainbow jacket

One day about two years ago I was at the fabric store and one of the staff knew that I liked wearing very colorful things, so they showed me a bolt of rainbow printed fleece.  At that point I got enough for two fairly small ponchos and added them to the mix of fleece I was wearing through the winter.  The following winter I saw the fleece at the store again and got more with the intention of making a jacket type thing, and made three parts that I could wear mixed with other things.  Recently I decided to take the parts and make them into a single jacket.

I also updated the waterproofing coating on the jacket, so it is mostly waterproof in the rain and snow.  The fleece was very warm before I made it into a jacket, now it feels even warmer.

I am considering making the jacket a little longer, about trenchcoat length.

I also made the leg warmers from the same rainbow print fleece.

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