Monday, November 4, 2013

rainbow shoulder bag

One day a month or so ago I decided to make a new rainbow shoulder bag, one with a wider strap that would be more comfortable when I am wearing it for long periods of time. Today I got most of the work done.

The strap is filled with crocheted plastic bags giving it a sturdy padded structure. There are some loops of webbing to hang carabiners for holding things like my water bottle or hanging the bag off my backpack.  This bag is a bit larger than my previous one, I sized it using a mesh bag from the Dollarama.

In the future I will add a waterproof liner to keep the contents dry in the rain, and a zipper for easy closing.

Update: I didn't know at the time, but this bag also works as a backpack, with plenty of space.  I just clip a string across the bag and around the strap to make two spaces to put my arms, and because the strap is so wide it is very comfortable when it is weighted down.

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