Friday, November 8, 2013

YouTube to iTunes

Sometimes I come across a video on YouTube that I would like to turn into a song in iTunes.

When thinking about puzzles, especially programming puzzles, often my thoughts are around what I have, what I want, and how I can bring the haves and wants closer to each other. As I put effort into the ways to bring the haves and wants together I end up with more haves and more options for wants. I am done when I find that I already have what I want.

I have a video on YouTube. I want a song in iTunes. iTunes can import mp3 files as songs, so I can also want a mp3 file.  I also have Chrome, and a freshly installed copy of Mac OSX Snow Leopard.

One option is YouTube to MP3 Converter, but it can only handle videos up to 20 minutes, and I want to convert a longer one.

I found a Chrome plugin that allows downloads of the YouTube media file that gets streamed to the browser, YouTube Options.  After installing that I can also have a .mp4 or .flv video file.

I have a script that I wrote a while ago that turns video files into mp3 files, but to run the script wants ffmpeg installed.  MacPorts has package for ffmpeg, but to install MacPorts it wants Xcode installed. Xcode is on the Snow Leopard Installation DVD, so I install it. Now I can install MacPorts, so I do. Now I can install ffmpeg, so I do (sudo port install ffmpeg) .

Now the script works, so I have what I wanted when I started, almost like magic.

A video on YouTube --> download the video from YouTube  --> convert the downloaded video to mp3 --> import the generated mp3 into iTunes --> a song in iTunes.

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  1. This is an oldy but it's still pertinent today. I use to downloader and convert my Youtube videos.