Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Neon yellow basic hammock

I learned how to make basic cloth hammocks about two years ago, they are quite comfortable and most are easy to transport.

This is one of the recently created ones.  I got the material before I left for Eclipse, and hung it as a no-sew hammock there for casual napping.  Later on one of the stops on the way home I sewed it at a friend's place to make it hang easier, and even more recently I trimmed it down to 2.5m in length so that it would hang between my regular two hammock trees and fit under my rain tarp.

The fabric is a fairly thick raincoat nylon.  This particular one does not stretch at all so it takes me a little while to get comfortable enough to sleep.

Combined with the rain cover this hammock is good for all summer weather: wind, rain, and clear.  I have also slept out in all of these with it already.

The main thing that keeps the rain off the hammock is the metal rings that divide the rope on the tree from the rope on the hammock.

The reason I created this hammock was because one of my hammocks that I took to Evolve left to go on an adventure without me.

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