Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rainbow lighter

I had a quiet evening in Fredericton on one of my trips, and a couple of lighters in my kit bag, so I decided to start coloring them.

This is actually the third rainbow painted lighter I made.  The first one got borrowed at Eclipse and did not end up getting returned. The second one I gave to Pixie Sun Child before we went in opposite directions in Ontario. Finally the third one I made when I got back to Halifax.


  1. A survival lighter is a very important tool to have especially when bushcrafting. I remember a number of occasions when my model came to my rescue after my non-waterproof matchsticks were waterlogged by overnight rains. Painting the lighter makes it more visible, especially in the dark. Check out some amazing models here:

  2. Hi! I'm an artist and an outdoor enthusiast. I must say, your lighter looked way too cool! I love it! I've painted most of my survival lighters with glow in the dark colors so it can be easily seen. Although illumination is not one of my problems especially when I'm out in the wilds. I have my trusty LED flashlight with me and it made all the differenc in my camping experience.If you want to check out other LED flashlights, read the great reviews here first. They're so useful, here's the link:

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